UPDATE: Julia — Dear God Not The Kissy Face

UPDATE: Now with a new photo! And some information about some fascinating new Tweets!

That’s right. She weasels her way into the White House Corros’ Dinner by riding on OMG OMG OMG RANDI ZUCKERBERG’S coat-tails, she gets her ass onto the red carpet, and she trots out this tired, old, excruciatingly embarrassing pose. Attention Jackles: You are nobody. You are not a starlet blowing kisses to your fans. You have no fans. There is no one on the other side of the camera who is yearning for your air kisses. Please retire this, pronto. It really isn’t working, in particular, now that you look like you’ve taken a break from your Peoria bowling league’s weekly Pizza and Pins Night to hit the big city with your husband, the town life insurance salesman.

After Tweeting “:)” last night, this morning she Tweeted this: “:) :).” That’s right, everyone, DOUBLE HAPPY FACES! She is SO SO SO HAPPY! It’s a beautiful day in D.C. and she has missed it SO MUCH! She is HAPPY despite failing to get close to any real celebrities! An 82-year-old man widely regarded in D.C. as being stark-raving mad asked her to come to his brunch, though! SO HAPPY!

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